My projects

I am only currently working on two main projects.


One of them is a transaction management website for "Revinvest Consultants LLC", there is no preview as it is under serious development and has no base quite yet.


My main programming project right now is a tool made to create scripts for the popular game Grand Theft Auto V. The project is called V Creator, it is coded in C# and it can be downloaded here.

Samuel Iles



Current Projects


Above is the link to my Github, where I keep all of my open source projects. 


Many of my past projects have been modifications for the game Grand Theft Auto V, but I am beginning to expand into macOS, iOS, Web, and Windows apps. 


Feel free to use the codes to your needs, a lot of them are a few years old and I do not need anymore.


MY name is samuel, I am only 15 years old but have some experience in a few programming languages, please take a look at my current projects to see my work.
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